When you’re after results, extrinsic motivators aren’t enough. The fire must burn from within. And fire only burns if you keep it fed.

And just like fire, goals shift and change. That’s why performance training is so vital to success. It works under all conditions for any goal you set.


Transform your life

We take an integrated approach to performance, blending results-oriented action with a fuel scientifically proven to drive success: Emotional Intelligence. Coupled with your own ability to be creative and resourceful, we help you identify your unique values, natural strengths, and address areas where you feel stuck or held back. We help cut through the mental chatter. The result? Achieved goals and sustained peak performance.

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Kristine Hatfield

You need a strong spark to ignite a powerful flame. Kristine Hatfield is a formidable spark.

A corporate leader by age 33, a two-time international CrossFit competitor, and an entrepreneur with three successful businesses, Kristine has never set a goal she didn’t accomplish. And now she uses her unique experience, wisdom, and skill to help others achieve their desired goals.

If you want to find a coach who will tell you what you want to hear, Kristine isn’t your coach. She will tell you what you need to hear. As your goal partner, she is dedicated to working with you to achieve what you never thought possible.

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"Kristine Hatfield's coaching and project management talents created positive impacts for me not only professionally but personally. She broke down processes and provided the right amount of support to encourage a change in behaviors and approaches that benefitted me as well as my organization. Her vast experience is impressive, her drive to see things through is inspiring. Kristine Hatfield changes lives. Working with her changed mine.
CHRL, CTDP, Learning, and Organizational Development Professional
“Kristine can project tough love and softness that creates space for personal growth. She pulls no punches and speaks her mind in a candid but tactful manner, which has allowed me to examine and challenge my self-limiting beliefs. She has a wealth of management and coaching experience but allows the spotlight to shine on those she coaches. Sometimes Kristine's belief in me has far outstripped my own. The picture of presence, wisdom, and candor, Kristine is equal parts deep listening, problem-solving, and facilitating. She has been there through successes in my business and supported me in a significant career transition. The reason you hire a coach is to illuminate your blind spots and push past your limits; I could think of no one better than Kristine.”
Digital Marketing Manager (CrossFit athlete, marathon runner)
“Kristine Hatfield has been my coach for the past five years, and I’ve learned things about myself as a competitor and improving my overall fitness. After seeing her dedication and mental focus as a CrossFit competitor herself, I knew I needed her expertise. She knew exactly how hard to push me without injuring myself. Kristine has always given me positive cues to keep my focus on the task at hand to push through and not give up. Kristine has been right by my side, giving me strategies to improve my mental focus and stop negative self-talk, and I have consistently placed in the top 25 in Canada and top 200 in the world in all my competitions, which I owe in large part to her tutelage. Not only does she have the background, but she has lived the experience and understands the nuances and importance of mental focus. I cannot wait to see what she does with others!!
51 (CrossFit Masters athlete)
“Kristine helped me develop my leadership capabilities by guiding me through self-discovery, providing feedback, and actively listening during a pivotal growth period in my life. Her coaching and mentoring helped me through some challenging times and gave clarity to my purpose as a leader. Kristine’s leadership and experience undoubtedly put me on the right path for success.”
Scrum Master
"For the past two years, Kristine’s leadership as a mental performance development coach has helped me continuously improve my growth and performance both physically and mentally as an athlete as well as an individual. The EQ assessment tool helped me better understand both my strengths and weaknesses and use those skills in my career. It was great to see how I can improve my leadership skills and my working relationships. It helped me identify the things that I need to work on while maximizing my strengths to be able to perform better at work and as an athlete.”
Coordinator/Supervisor (CrossFit athlete)

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