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Be the Best Version of You

What you identify as your own “best version” won’t look the same as the “best version” desired by someone else.  And that’s ok because it really is all about you!!!  Your goal to be your best version can relate to any area of your life – whether that be career, relationships, health & fitness, personal growth, athletics, academics, and so on.  The many facets of our lives can make it difficult and muddy to identify what our own “best version” is and where it lies, never mind how to make it a reality.  Doesn’t the very thought of finding out and knowing the best version of you sound simply amazing? What that would feel like? What fulfillment it would bring to your life??

Fulfillment is about being wholly alive – living in alignment with your values, knowing who you are at your core and what is most meaningful to you.  It is about envisioning a compelling future with a fulfilled life, uncovering your unique powerful values, and connecting deeply with your purpose.  Fulfillment is being able to answer what you really want out of life, what you are longing for, what would you love to be different in your life.  From there, a vision for your best version of you emerges to allow you to live your most fulfilled life.

And when you have that feeling of fulfillment, or even just knowing you have a path to fulfillment it feels like….. well, the way a warm bowl of soup feels on a cold day, it feels like putting on a fresh clean pair of socks, or a big comforting hug.  Feeling fulfilled brings a sensation of lightness inside your head, your heart, and your stomach.  It feels like you have clarity in purpose, that a fog you didn’t even know existed has been lifted from your eyes and you can see exactly where you want to go along your path.  Fulfillment brings that spring in your step each day and the ability to find and enjoy the simple pleasures that exist where ever you look. 

Performance coaching is here to help you not only discover what it means to you to be your best version but to actively work with you to identify your vision for your best version of you, the path to getting there, however long that might take, and keep you on it!