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Beware of Coaching Side Effects!

We’ve all seen those pharmaceutical commercials on TV that rattle off a long list of possible side effects of taking said medication.  Did you know there is a VERY long list of possible side effects from coaching? 

Before deciding to enter into a coaching relationship consult your local coaching professional.  Common side effects of coaching include (but are not limited to):

  • Understanding your life purpose which can lead to dangerous levels of fulfillment
  • Getting to know your saboteur and how it can sabotage your performance
  • Creating awareness of self limiting beliefs and ways to counter-act those
  • Realizing your inner strengths to and how they can be relied upon to achieve greater performance
  • Generating the ability to choose perspective so you can look at situations in a manner that translates into better performance
  • Increased self awareness and self expression
  • Finding balance in the different facets of your life
  • Build better relationships that are mutually satisfying, full of trust and compassion
  • Understand your level of stress tolerance and how that impacts your performance when coping with stressful or difficult situations
  • Improved impulse control, avoiding rash behaviours and decisions.
  • A greater ability to express yourself, your feelings,
  • Increased level of comfort in communicating to others what you need
  • A heightened awareness of your emotions and how they can help or hinder performance
  • Improved self regard, inner strength and self confidence
  • Self directed decision-making and freedom from emotional dependence on others
  • The ability to articulate your understanding of another’s perspective and behave in a way that respects others’ feelings
  • Understanding how your emotions affect your ability to find solutions to problems, how they impact decision-making
  • Build the capacity to remain objective and recognize when emotions or bias leads to less objectivity
  • Becoming more adaptable with your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours
  • Improved optimism to help eliminate barriers to your performance and inspire others

Stay tuned for more posts that will talk through some of these side effects.  If reading these has you excited and curious already then simply contact me today to discuss which ones might be right for you!