Meet Kristine Hatfield

Performance Coach

Kristine brings a unique package of skill and experience to performance coaching at Ignited Drive. She has been a world-class competitor, a corporate leader, and a successful entrepreneur. Today, she blends these accumulated skills to help you achieve and maintain optimal performance within any aspect of your life – career, athletics, relationships, health & fitness, personal growth and so on.

A Competitive Start

Competition is old hat for Kristine. Growing up as a gymnast, she competed and challenged herself across a spectrum of sports that included golf, downhill skiing, track, karate, and rock climbing.

An Executive Leader

As an adult, Kristine attained an executive leadership role by the age of 33 and quickly became a mentor and coach to not only her corporate team but others as well.

A CrossFit Competitor

While still working full time, she opened her CrossFit gym in 2009 and competed in her first Regionals CrossFit Competition within one year of training. After four years of Regional competitions, she retired from her corporate career to focus on running her gym and competing full time. She went on to compete in the Masters CrossFit Games in 2014 and the Masters Granite Games in 2015.

A Champion Entrepreneur

In 2011, Kristine began a side business while working full-time in a executive role, running her gym and training competitively.  Kristine began cooking and delivering healthy meals to fellow coaches and clients at local gyms. She eventually sold both her meal business and her gym. Without quite enough on her plate, in 2016 Kristine started her consulting business primarily delivering Professional Development courses to help others achieve the leadership positions she has enjoyed.

Results-Oriented Performance Coach

When Kristine made the difficult decision to retire from competing, she turned her attention to coaching, taking her passion for helping others to achieve sustainable goals and positive transformation to a new level.

Kristine continues to hone her skills with the Co-Active Training Institute and is certified to provide Emotional Intelligence assessments.

Kristine’s Core Beliefs

  • People are experts when it comes to their own lives. They just need skills, objective feedback, and support to achieve what they may believe impossible.
  • Performance coaching isn’t mentoring or psychological analysis. It’s desire in action.
  • Achievement is more about discovering your strengths than beating down your weaknesses.
  • Good coaching isn’t a “do to” or “do for” you approach. It is “do with”.
  • Achievement is meaningless without:
    • Authenticity
    • Integrity
    • Collaboration
    • Empathy
    • Patience
    • Self-Awareness

Now that you’ve met her, let’s get you working with her to achieve your next goal.