Choose the Right Service

For Optimal Performance

No matter who you are, and what your goal is, if you’ve got the fire, Ignited Drive Coaching has the match.

We partner with you or your team to develop the right strategy to reach your desired goal and provide the tools required to sustain it – whether that be to achieve heighted levels of performance with career, academics, athletics, relationships, personal growth, health & fitness, and so on. 

Some goals take longer than others, and some require adaptability as they evolve. 

Here are the coaching services we offer to ensure you leave us with the skills necessary to perform at peak levels.

One on One Coaching

Meet one on one for hourly appointments. The required number of sessions and strategy depend on your desired goal and pace.

Team Coaching

Boost your team’s performance and learn how to work together to achieve and maintain peak performance and become champions. Schedule one full-day or a set series of team sessions, depending on your team’s goal strategy.

Group Coaching

Benefit from diverse feedback and mutual encouragement while you work toward your desired goal in a group setting. The required number of sessions and strategies depend on your goal and pace.

Performance Workshops

Learn how to set achievable goals and sustain them with the mental fortitude of a champion. Full-day or multi-day series available.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Discover where you fall on the Emotional Intelligence scale and identify opportunities for exponential growth to improve performance.

Contact us for more information or to customize your coaching package.